FINPRET is a French short-film festival promoting preventative healthcare for students. It is produced by the health services of Paris Sorbonne.

  • You must be a student to participate: you must include a student ID and proof of registration to your submission materials.
  • Your film should be no longer than 3 minutes and no shorter than 20 seconds.
  • You may submit as many films as you would like!
  • Videos are accepted in French, sub-titled in French, or silent.
  • Respect the recommended themes on prevention
List of themes
  1. Addiction: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, social networking
  2. STD/STI prevention
  3. Contraception
  4. Psychological distress: troubles sleeping, stress, malaise
  5. Diet and nutrition
  6. Hearing problems
  7. Violence and discrimination
How to participate
  1. Enter on Film Freeway by submitting your film’s materials
  2. Add the following documents: student ID and proof or registration
  3. Enter the FINPRET Festival online before march 21th of 2016
  4. Results will be published online april 14th 
Contact us

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FESTIVAL FINPRET concours prévention santé des étudiants

Submissions closed !

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Festival by

Le Service de Médecine Préventive de Sorbonne Universités


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